Barry following

My shortlist of people include Dan Gross (Daily Beast), an economic realist with a knack for cutting through the crap; Jesse Eisinger (Pro Publica) for his understanding of complex financial issues and his ability to communicate them clearly; Mike Santoli (Barron’s, Yahoo) has a great understanding of the Street; Bill McBride (Calculated Risk) reduces economics to its simplest essence; I devour all of Morgan Housel’s Motley Fool columns for their insight and smarts; few people can help you understand your bad investing behavior better than Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal. I am omitting lots of other regulars, but these are the first six on my do-not-miss list.

There are some worthwhile things to see on financial television: On Bloomberg Surveillanceat 6 a.m., Tom Keene gives you the overview of what can expect from the day. On CNBC, my colleague Josh Brown is so insightful and witty that he makes Fast Money fun to watch. Before lunch, I search for UBS Floor Manager Art Cashin’s comments from the NYSE floor on CNBC. I find more wisdom in 30 seconds of Cashin than any other 10 pundits combined. Consuelo Mack’s Web show, WealthTrack, slows it down with in-depth interviews with investing legends.


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